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Firepenny Resale Startup Website

Monthly Price with Selected Options: $0.00

Availability: 1 -2 Weeks
Product Code: FP-STARTUP

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Startup E-Commerce Website

Sell Firefighting Equipment online in 1-2 weeks.

Start selling online from your Private Label Firefighting Equipment Web Store using the Firepenny Catalog.

Your site will come with your logo and graphics along with thousands of preloaded fire equipment products that you can immediately offer to your customers.

  • Creation and product maintenance/update of your e-commerce store
  • Clean, fresh design to properly show off your website to your customers
  • Webpage dedicated to your business
  • Private label branding will only show your information
  • Firepenny will manage/fulfill orders, ship to your customers and bill for the products sold
  • Choose your profit margin
  • Another sales tool to drive customers to your business

  • Must sell within the Fire Industry
  • Updates (such as Logo & About Us) will need to be sent to Firepenny so we can update your site

Choose Your Template:
Choose the look of your website by choosing the template that fits your company branding. Click on the Gallery tab to view a wide selection of both Free and Premium Templates

Domain Name:
Please let me know if you already have a Domain name (such as: www.firepenny.com) or if you need help is selecting a Domain Name.

Google Merchant:
Google Merchant Connects to Shoppers Everywhere.
Today’s Shopping channels are more sophisticated than ever before. New discovery-based mobile ad formats and segmentation strategies enable you to close the gap between consideration and purchase, opening the entire shopping funnel for awareness and revenue plays.

A team of Google Shopping experts uses a granular campaign structure and cross-channel insights to engage each segment and drive overall revenue for your shopping business.

  • Stand Out by appearing on top of search results and meet shoppers that are have done most of their research with highly targeted and clear product offering
  • Grab Attention
  • Better Quality Leads
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Broader Reach

Live Chat:
There are customers waiting on your website that you can offer help through a quick chat. Faster than email and more efficient than phone...don’t make your customers wait.

  • Increase sales
  • Quickly answer customer questions
  • Boost your online credibility
  • Build better customer relationships